Deliveroo: Gloucester Rugby Vs.The Tavern

With The Tavern now on Deliveroo we decided it was time to really put ourselves to the test. We wanted to find the ultimate opponents, some competition that have an appetite and would really put us through our paces. Who better to go up against than housemates Mark Atkinson and Jacob Rowan of Gloucester Rugby. With their Deliveroo on it’s way, we get started.

So how long have you guys known each other?

Jake: Way too long…

Mark: We’ve known each other since 18 as youngsters but started living together 3 years ago when we joined Gloucester. Jake reached out seeking friendship from a new team mate didn’t you?

Jake: Yeah and Mark made me come to Cheltenham on my own and look at all the flats whilst he was sunning it on holiday…

Mark: Not quite how it went but we found a nice flat together 3 years ago and I’ve been trying to get rid of Jake ever since.

*Doorbell rings and Jake returns from the hallway with Deliveroo in hand* 



So you would say you know each other pretty well?

Mark: Faaairly well, yes

Ok great, so what is Jake’s weirdest habit?

Jake: Ooo there’s a few isn’t there

*Smirking as he unwraps the burgers and wings*

Mark: Tell you what he does, he rinses songs. Well. It’s not the weirdest one but just annoying. He exhausts songs, it’s just one line. He also claims he is a massive chef but i’m still yet to see him cook a meal in 3 years.

So are you the chef of the house?

Mark: Neither of us are the chef!

*Laughing, they both look at each other and point to the Deliveroo in front of them*

What about visa versa, what’s Marks annoying habit?

Jake: He talks way too much. He’s always late to everything…

Mark: Jake’s just listing his own annoying habits now

So what is your ideal night in?

Mark: We’re partial to a Deliveroo aren’t we?

Jake: Yes! It was music to our ears when The Tavern announced they were on Deliveroo.

Mark: We were always big fans of the original Tavern as we only lived round the corner so used to go in a lot and since it’s reopened we now also head there for our socials. But we do have lots of nights in, especially after games when we’re too tired to go out we’ll stay in, order Deliveroo and occasionally crack open the odd beer. Bit naughty, but…

*Sends a sideways glance in Jake’s direction which is met with a knowing smile*

Mark: We did do a strange takeaway last week didn’t we. We both just had a massive craving for the chicken wings so ordered 18 wings each, that was it. Bit of a weird one as that wasn’t even in the evening that was mid afternoon!

So when you went for your last social, what did you tuck in to? 

Mark: Well first let me say we were very well behaved

Jake: Ah! Bacon cheese burgers!

Mark: Far too many wings!

Jake: They went down a storm

Mark: The thing that was most impressive was that we had 30 people eating at once, and remembering the size of the people eating, nobody left hungry which is a massive tick box.

Jake, if Mark was a dish on The Tavern’s menu, what would he be and why?

Jake: He’s already a bit of a dish isn’t he!

*Jake winks at Mark*

Jake:He would be…Mac n Cheese because he gets a bit sloppy sometimes! Definitely extra cheese. No spice.

Mark: Hang on, Jake would be like this scotch egg as he’s all tough on the outside but when you get through that exterior there’s a soft, loving interior that not many people get to see.

*Jake rolls his eyes*

Mark: Or a salad. Like a really dull salad

Jake: Noooo…would I?!

Mark: Yeah just like a mixed leaf side salad.

*The last bite disappears*


So what is the verdict on The Tavern’s Deliveroo?

Jake: It. Is. Awesome!

Mark: We’re glad its kicked off on Deliveroo. It’s actually our favourite Deliveroo in Cheltenham. Wings are next level, the burgers travel really well and the milkshake…tasty.

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