Whilst we were out and about in London’s creative melting pot, London Design Week, we found some beautiful sculptures dressed up as furniture.

Once a year creative geniuses from the world of design mass in their tens of thousands and descend on London from across the nation and from around the world.  We almost didn’t want to share it with you because we want to buy up his whole range but can’t.

Tom Raffield’s new collection has been dropped from his secluded six acres of Cornish woodland onto the gritty streets of London’s Design Week and into the Lucky Onion’s world.  Beautiful curved pieces of wood, steamed into weird and wonderful shapes bending the natural environment that surrounds him in his six acres of woodland into something we can all sit on in our own homes.

Tom hand shapes every piece by steam transforming the wood into chairs, tables and lights.  It’s all low energy and sustainable.  One of his chairs will be on our Christmas list this year, if only we could get some of his pendants too.

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