The Return of The French Dip

The French Dip is back and better than ever…

Our Cheltenham based restaurant and bar, The Tavern, is bringing back the legendary French Dip dish due to popular demand. Here at The Lucky Onion we wanted to throw it back to where it all started…

Traditionally, a French Dip sandwich is made with thinly sliced roast beef and topped generously with cheese on a French roll. And the most important part? The dippage! The sandwich is served with braising juices for you to dunk as much or as little as you like. So where did it all begin?

French Dip

Across the pond, there are two restaurants that claim to be the birthplace of The French Dip. Both established in 1908 and both located in Los Angeles. Phillipe the Original boasts a moment of serendipity with the accidental creation back in 1918. The owner, Phillipe Mathieu, clumsily dropped the French bread into a beef roasting pan. The policeman that Phillipe was serving at the time took the sandwich regardless only to return the next day with friends asking for more dipped sandwiches.

The opposition, Cole’s claim to be the originators of the French Dip. When a customer complained of sore gums, a sympathetic and inventive chef decided to dip the French roll in the beef gravy to soften the bread. From that moment of genius, the rest is history. Whilst no one is quite sure who founded the dish, The Tavern has created their own French Dip history by adding some Lucky Onion magic to the classic.

To break it down, The Tavern’s French Dip is created using braised short rib of beef. We like to source from the Cotswolds as well as British lands and shores which is why we source our beef from Stokes Marsh Farm nearby. They rear only traditional, British breeds like Hereford and Angus cows because of their consistent quality of meat.

*Take a peek at our latest Meet the Maker blog piece which features Q&A with farmer Tim Johnson of Stokes Marsh Farm about the fantastic meat they produce.*

French Dip

To bring the sandwich to life, in true Tavern style, we’ve added a sprinkling of jalapenos and Stinking Bishop, from Laurel Farm in Gloucestershire, smothered over the beef to really get the taste buds tingling. Not forgetting the key component to this flavoursome construction…The dippage! A winning combination of short rib braising stock reduced down with red wine, caramelised onions and bone marrow. Hats off to chef.

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