The Wheatsheaf’s Carrot, Fennel and Orange Salad

Looking for a light and healthy starter? Have a go at this fresh, seasonal and surprisingly easy carrot, fennel and orange salad by Ethan Rodgers, head chef at our Cotswolds pub and restaurant, The Wheatsheaf Inn:

The Wheatsheaf Inn’s Carrot, Fennel and Orange Salad


(Serves 4)

Heritage carrots 200g
Black sesame seeds 200g
White sesame seeds 200g
Four oranges
Fennel 200g
Runny honey 20g


Poach the carrots in a pan of boiling salted water until tender and soft. Place in a bowl of iced water to cool, then slice thinly.

Take the white and black sesame seeds and gently toast in a dry frying pan, be very careful here not to catch the seeds and ensure they are evenly toasted.

When complete, remove the seeds and toast the fennel to soften it. Then slice thinly when it is cool.

Segment the oranges and keep to one side. In a bowl take all the ingredients and mix gently, adding the honey slowly.

Once done, take the salad mixture and place in the middle of the plate.

Wheatsheaf Carrot and Orange Salad

Recipe originally published in Gloucestershire Live, Photo by Anna Lythgoe.