José Pizarro Recipe: Razor Clams with Jamón 

This week we host the Godfather of Spanish cooking for an evening of Tapas at No.38 The Park. As the event has sold out, we thought we’d treat you to an inside look at a José Pizarro recipe from his latest book Catalonia. Enjoy!

Razor clams with jamón & cava vinaigrette


Serves 4

24 small fresh razor clams

olive oil for frying

75 g (2½ oz) jamón, finely chopped

1 small shallot, finely chopped

handful of chopped parsley

small bunch of finely chopped chives

2 tablespoons cava

good squeeze of lemon juice

sea salt and freshly ground black


4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil


I need to have razor clams whenever I see them on the menu! Served here with jamón ibérico and a glass of cava – dreamy. In this recipe I clean the clams by taking out the foot and stomach and slicing them to mix with the vinaigrette. I do love them just open – put on the plancha and eat the whole thing in one go. Put a large pan with a lid over a high heat. Rinse the razor clams thoroughly under cold running water. Add to the pan with a splash of water and cover with the lid. Cook, shaking the pan, for 30 seconds until the clams have just opened (discard any that stay shut). Remove the meat from the shells. With a sharp knife cut away the foot/digger – which is the bulbous dark bit at one end – and remove the central stomach sack and intestinal tract so you are left only with the sweet firm white meat.

Meanwhile, heat a little olive oil in a frying pan and fry the jamón until crispy. Remove with a slotted spoon and set aside, leaving the fat in the pan. Mix the shallot and herbs with the cava and lemon juice and season well. Whisk in the extra virgin olive oil. Put the frying pan back on the heat and fry the sliced clams in the jamón fat until they have just finished cooking. Serve scattered with the jamón and drizzled with the dressing.

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